BloxVox Keeps People From Overhearing Your Phone Calls

BloxVox Keeps People From Overhearing Your Phone Calls

You’re on the phone with your buddies, gossiping about your spouses and occasionally cracking a dirty joke. Suddenly, you feel the intense urge to make a crude comment about your boss, who has been a real bitch lately.

You get a tap on the shoulder by a coworker who greets you with a disgusted face – the whole office has overheard your conversation.

It is moments like these that the BloxVox Sound Proof Mask is here to help you avoid. This voice muffler will completely block out your private conversations from the outside world, allowing you a freedom of speech not limited by societal expectations. It is said to increase productivity in an office, which stations its workers close together.

Sure it’s a little strange, but it’s probably better than having eavesdroppers listen while you whisper sweet nothings to your overseas lover.

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